Good grief. It’s 6 a.m. and I have the news playing in the background. It astounds me the stuff that passes for news and I think “How is this important? Who decides this?” I wonder who gets to say “Ok, we’ll freak the public out with this little blip today.” What about the children? the aging? the abused? the discriminated against? When did pure, unadulterated crap become more important than people?

You know, I have a link to Rosie’s blog here and I have to say I admire her for figuring out that money and celebrity are not what it’s all about. They don’t bring us love or acceptance within ourselves or anything else that’s truly important. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have enough money to tell my boss to take a flying leap and make financial things easier for my children and family, but geez at what cost in human terms does it become worth it? I was touched deeply by Ro’s post about how long it took her to realize that she couldn’t park in a tow zone just because she had the money to pay the tow bill and resulting ticket. She realized just how different it is for her now and I applaud the ability of anyone to make a change when it’s needed. Go Ro!

I feel a ‘rant’ coming on and while I can post anything I want here (it is my blog after all!), I will put the soapbox away for this morning and focus on the life changing events in my own little world today. Kids to school, hospice folks to meet, parents to care for, dinner to prepare later and on it goes. Peace.


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  1. nice blog.. your entries are nice.. =)


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