My dad wanted a party. So, it’s a party he’s getting. In the good ol’ Celtic tradition, we, his family, are arranging a wiz bang wake just for him. Friends from everywhere and family as well will gather at my mom’s house to celebrate the life of…

How bizarre is this? When my brother died 4 years ago, we had a similar thing and it went well although it was different obviously. My dad liked it so much that he requested one of his own. It is so hard to go through all the motions and know that he won’t be here to see it all. How does it happen? How do you just disappear like this? Mom looked around yesterday and said “It’s awful…how life just goes on…” I agreed and then added “but it’s wonderful too, Mom.” She just snorted in disgust but I do believe it. Now if I could just feel it today.

This bites.


One response to this post.

  1. I jsut wanted to tell you I’m sorry…sorry that you have had to go through what you have in life, sorry for the passing of your siblings, your father and the illness of your mother.
    It is strange how life goes on….but as you said, it is also wonderful as well.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.
    I will continue to read your blogs….please keep writing.


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