I can only say I am grateful today is almost over. I am struggling a bit more than the past two days and my brain is totally goofy. I can’t remember what I went into the store for or finish a sentence without some serious thought. I went to Mom’s again this afternoon to make a requested delivery and it turned out to be a good thing that I only planned to stay a short while because she was having an angry moment and oy vey!

Why is it that families try to rip each other to shreds instead of being supportive etc. My aunt refused to change her plans for the weekend of my dad’s wake and my mom refused to change the date for the event. So my aunt left pissed off and mom was crying and then she got mad and started calling everyone names etc. I had to be very firm with her and left for home shortly after. It’s good to be in my own house chilling with my family instead of being there inhaling smoke and having a hard time.

Tomorrow is another day… Peace.


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