I have some of the rudest neighbors I’ve ever seen. When my daughters and I were on our own and living in a 3 bedroom apartment, I was blessed with incredible neighbors. Not this time however. So what makes a good neighbor? How do you know when you make the decision to move in, what your neighbors and, therefore, your neighborhood will be like? Is there anyway to know? The day my family and I moved into our home the next door neighbor to our right pulled up into our driveway and got out of her car. She walked up to where we were moving our refrigerator through the door and asked “Are you the *****?” We replied “Yep.” and continued trying to maneuver the big hunk of metal that would store our groceries. She asked “Do you work for the ***?” We said “Yep” and kept pushing. Then she said “Of all the houses in ****, why’d you have to buy this one? We’re right next door to each other and we work for the same place. Don’t you think that will be just a bit too weird?” We should have gotten a clue right then. Now it’s more than two years later and it just gets better and better. Yes, that is sarcasm you hear. First they told my youngest daughter their dog would bite her. Then they called the city because we had our trash out a day early. The reported that our dog had bitten someone when she wasn’t even out of the house; refused the Christmas cookies my girls made for all our neighbors (and the homeade dog biscuits too); never have a good word to offer or a wave to say hello and last weekend they put up a fence that you’d have to see to believe. We have chain link all around our property and while it’s not my favorite, it does what it was intended to do…keep the animals in and the strays out. Our lovely neighbors attached some kind of metal clamps to our fence and then attached wood to that and added their own wood fence to it. Even that would be alright with me except for one thing…it only goes half way down the fence line! LOL It was quite the way to thumb their noses at us for sure. They didn’t want our dog bothering their dog and they most certainly did not want to see our weeds so they covered the half of our fence that allowed those things. Amazing. When I see this woman at work, she doesn’t have a word or a smile or anything for me. It stuns me anew each time. I know their religious preferences and when I say “know” I am being sincere since I used to belong to the same group. The unneighborliness they exhibit is astounding and I am so saddened by it. I guess I never realized just how sad it was until living here. It’s made me rethink the definition of neighbor that’s for sure. It opens up so many more avenues of thought as well. Time will tell I suppose…right, wrong, good, bad…endless opportunities. Peace.


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  1. wow, this really sucks for you.
    I’m not even sure it’s leagal for them to attach anything to your fence. I know pick your battles and all that, but still.

    years ago we too knew all our neighbors. We have lived here for over 15 years. We did the christmas cookie thing. During snow storms and power outages we could count on neighbors bringing over hot soup and water for cocoa…
    No more. we tried with the new people that move in to reach out.
    They act as if we are intruding on their space. Eventually you stop trying. I miss knowing I can borrow an egg for a recipe. I miss offering the same.

    Sorry for the stress this brings to you. You sound like a neighbor I would love having.


  2. In AZ everyone has a fence. 6 foot tall brick walls to shut everyone out. It is so isolating. I moved in here last year and only know a few folks in the neighborhood. Sad thing these days. Yours sound just yucky.


  3. sorry to hear your neighbors are freaks. mine are too, but that’s to be expected. wouldn’t it be nice if you could interview everyone in the neighborhood before comitting to buying property? like we have time for that…fuck ’em, you’ve got us.


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