During the past few days or so I’ve been blessed to blog with some people who believe very strongly that their way…and only their way…is right. I find it interesting that so many feel so completely positive they know all the answers. I cannot imagine that for even a moment. I think it must be either very comforting or very stress inducing. Whatever. I am so far past the concept that I must be right about everything that it now simply intrigues me.

I remember being so sure my faith was the only one…the only way to live forever. I taught my children so well that one of them would go to school when she was in the first grade and tell the children there that they were going to die because they weren’t doing it right. You can imagine the phone call I received from her teacher when that child cried to her mommy. This child of mine now has a problem with feeling the need to be right all the time and feeling “less than” when she isn’t. She is a loving, searching, intelligent, spiritual person and she is very accepting of others feelings and thoughts and beliefs as well now. Was I right to teach her that way? I have no idea. Was I right to leave that way of thinking? I have no idea. Was I right to tell this child of mine that I didn’t have any idea whether that way of believing was right or not? I have no idea.

What I do know is that I am doing the best I can with what I have. I firmly believe there is a god or some higher power out there. I also believe that if that premise is truth, then he/she has to know more about us than we do. If that also holds true, it stands to reason that he/she also knows the reasons behind my life choices and the very real pain, agony and heartbreak that led me to make them. Given that “reality” (mine), I can only conclude that it will have to be enough. If I am not pleasing to that higher power and if there is a judgement someday, I can only say that I will have to face the consequences of my life on my own.

I refuse to make the presumption that I know best or better than someone else. I am, in fact, most grateful that it is not my job to decide who is good or who is bad. I have been blessed to meet some pretty amazing people through this blog and I am quite sure I will continue to be blessed in this way. I love the debate. I hate the contempt for others. I’m glad I know that I don’t have to be that way. Peace.


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  1. I agree completely,
    which is why I had to distance myself from the hate.
    It just hurt my heart.
    God only knew love and goodness.
    These people will be judged someday,
    it is not my worry to make sure that happens.

    You are one of the amazing people in the blog world.
    Thanks for being a friend !


  2. When asked what his religion was, the Dalai Lama said he was of no religion, although he is a Buddhist. He said he was of god’s religion. That of love. I like that answer and I love the Dalai Lama. Maybe you can point your kiddo in his direction. Very loving. Very gentle. Very much the religion of God. That of love.


  3. I hope I’ve not done or said anything to offend you. That has never been my intention.


  4. I felt the need to rethink my church and what was being taught. The fact that people believe they have a right to judge, due to their religious beliefs, has never sat well with me. In my heart, I didn’t feel that was the message we were supposed to be getting from a higher power. I left with a heavy heart and a lot of hurt from it. That was over 20 years ago.

    My faith still resides inside of me, but it is there in my own way—not the way someone else tells me is correct or just. My kids have their “own” way to embrace faith too. The right way?–it is different with every person. We have to find our own way that gives us the light we seek.

    Thanks for such a thought provoking post.

    You are a wonderful person and I am glad to have met you through the blog world.

    take care Traci.


  5. Thank you for the support you leave on on our blog.



  6. T,
    Thanks for saying that.. I wish there were more people in the world like you..
    peace and love


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