ah the joys

Of having older children! My family and I spent yesterday at CountryFest. It was two of my daughters and a friend each, my husband, his son and son’s girlfriend, my mom and my aunt who is my mom’s major caretaker. It was hot but not too hot. It was fun and long and tiring. Guess what I did today? I slept. We got home last night and into bed after midnight. I slept until almost noon. Got up, ate and went back to bed until 6. I know, I know…the height of lazy but I needed it because it was no trouble at all to be there! Between stress and the long day my body finally had enough. I am grateful for the girls being older because I COULD sleep as much as I needed. Whew!

I won passes for my mom and I to have a special lunch in a covered tent and it was nice. The people there were awesome and very helpful as it was obvious my mom was sick. She started crying because she was so tired so I took her back to our blankets and made her take a nap afterwards. She did good but was so fragile looking I worried. I was right behind her and a couple times I just started crying because I was afraid this would be the last thing we get to do as a family before she dies. Maybe not though but it does hit at the strangest times.

The music was good. Wynonna was the headliner and she is so funny. I loved her part of the show and Jamie O’Neal was great too. There were 6 acts. The first three were so-so but the last three rocked totally! Fun, fun, fun!

I hear my girlies getting home now so I am off. Peace.


4 responses to this post.

  1. sounds like a special day.
    glad you all were together and that your Mom was able to go too.

    sleeping all the next day ! cool !
    I haven’t done that in ages–sometimes your body just gets worn out and it’s nice to give in to it.
    it sounds like you were due.

    take care Traci.


  2. Glad to read about your fun time and that you could sleep and rest up. Sometimes that is just what we need.


  3. wow you saw Wy ?? !
    I am so jealous. I like few country stars but she is top on that list along with reba.
    I’m so glad you had a special time with your mother.
    You and she both will remember
    it always.

    I too find having older children a blessing. They actually get it when
    I am ill and need their help
    (most of the time any way)

    Glad you got some rest !


  4. Hi there.. followed the link from Karen’s blog… WOW.. you’re an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing your life.. I look forward to reading more!


    Julie (Mom of 2 little girls)


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