I don’t have much to say today. I just feel so incredibly sad. Sad about Sarah… how ironic (for lack of a better word) that her last post to her own blog was titled “Elvis Has Left The Building”. I will never forget her…it’s odd to me how certain people touch us for unexplainable reasons sometimes.

My daughters and I and my mom got our pictures taken a few months ago and I just got them the other day. Seeing how much my mom has gone downhill in these past few months just broke my heart. I’ve been crying for three days now. Experience tells me these tears will pass but I have to tell you…I feel like I will be heartbroken forever right now. Peace…to us all.


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  1. I have missed you Traci. I am glad I had the chance to sit in this little room tonight and see you.

    I love you friend.


  2. I know.
    It is hard.
    Crying is the only way to release what you hold inside–all the emotions filling you up.
    Sometimes I too have wondered if it will last forever, the heartbreak of it–it seems that way sometimes.
    It is a process–time, life, it all changes and we change with it.
    still hard though…
    hugs to you sweetie,
    take care,


  3. I feel the same Traci.
    I cant even write about it on my blog.
    It is all just too much to do right now.

    I’m feeling like I lost more than Sarah.
    Maybe it is just me, but I feel my on line friends slipping away.
    It’s probably just the grief.

    I cant believe how close we can become through this medium.
    I literally know more personal info and share more real emotion with my friends on line than those who see me daily.

    It’s Thursday… two days past the date of this post.
    how are you doing today ?


  4. who is Sarah? What happened? Where is her blog? thanks, Renee–>


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