love and cancer

I sent this picture to a friend of mine in New Jersey and she said I ought to find some cancer related organization to share it with as it’s a tribute to those who have cancer and the families who love them. When I opened the picture up again it made me think of Sarah and her artwork covered bald head! I thought my mom looked pretty bad when this picture was taken but since getting it a week or two ago and seeing my mom now…in this picture she looks absolutely healthy! She has gone downhill a lot in the 3 months since this was taken. It breaks my heart. She is still getting around but weaker every day. So anyway, what do you think? Peace.


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  1. I think it’s breathtakingly beautiful. It radiates with love and peace. I would send it in.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.




  2. It is beautiful. You are such a good mom and special daughter.


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  4. it is a truly beautiful picture.. ((((((Traci)))))))


  5. I absolutely LOVE this picture !
    love just pours out of it–really it does.
    so many hugs to you Traci–and to your Mom who looks beautiful and happy in this pic. I would send it in.



  6. I think the picture is poignant and glorious…and you should share it with anyone you can. Well, if you feel comfortable doing so.

    My prayers continue to be with you and your family.


  7. Thank you for stopping by and offering your support. We are
    thinking of you and your family.

    “Sarah’s Family”


  8. Great picture and a great tribute.


  9. Our family’s prayers are with you as my mother died from cancer at 55 yrs old 7 years ago. She was the oldest of three girls.

    Now, my aunt who I am very close to – her middle sister – just was diagnosed with cancer and had a kidney removed. She won’t talk about it to anyone.

    With all that you have been through, I pray more than ever you can find that strength you need now. Of course we pray for a complete healing with your mom.

    Much love,

    The Bennetts


  10. Thank you again for stopping by
    to say hello



  11. wow…that is so beautiful…you all shine

    my mom battled breast cancer, my brother is battling a rare stomach cancer and my dad has testicular cancer…can I share this oicture with them…its so beautiful thank you so much for sharing it


  12. Your support means the world.



  13. She does look sick. But she also looks very content, like she knows she is loved and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, cancer or no cancer. I teared up.

    My electively bald, just-turned-30 wife is constantly getting her sleek little head kissed up on, by me and by her friends…but this is very, very different. A different circumstance, a different stage of life, a different sort of love. And absolutely precious.

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m glad for you that you have this to treasure, too.

    If my arms were long enough to reach, I’d hug you and pat your back, but will content myself with…



  14. I’m sure that you can find a home for such a picture. Death is all consuming and unpretty. “Ugly” seems to harse, but ‘unpretty’ well that works. Renee


  15. just stopping by to say I was
    thinking of you today.

    You are treasured and missed.
    I offer strength to you.


  16. just stopped by Lighty’s blog and saw your comment.
    I hope that you are doing ok.
    you have been in my thoughts.


  17. I am hoping you are OK too my dear friend. I love you.


  18. Missing you..

    Strength and prayers going out your way…


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