How on earth have we as a society gotten to the point where our “religious leaders” can encourage assasination? WTF does Pat Robertson think he is doing? I have been privileged to blog with a few conservative christians recently and I will tell you…all of you…if you subscribe to Pat Robertson’s opinions and encourage assasinations you are NOT christian. Give me a freaking break! I cannot believe how upset I feel about this subject today. What is wrong with these people?! Where are the principles that Jesus taught? What ever happened to Love thy neighbor as thyself? or how about Thou shalt not kill? or any of a number of other loving and kind exhortions made by christ? Do they honestly believe they are going to inherit the kingdom of god with these attitudes? I am sickened by such behavior and absolutely do not understand how this can be condoned by “Christianity”. If this is christian…I want no part of it. Peace…and I mean real, loving, kind, concerned for fellow man peace…not Pat Robertson’s kind of peace. If there is a god, he/she is very angry today.


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  1. I have been angry as well Traci..
    I’m sure Pat is also against homosexuals, and yet he is willing to say it’s ok to assassinate someone..So there’s a man who says “homosexuality” is bad..assassination is good??? JUST does not compute and I am embarrassed that he’s a part of our country!!!!


  2. I’m right there with ya on this one!
    Unbelievable.. I’ve been shakin my head all day long, and wondering why they haven’t tossed him in jail..


  3. He just showed the true colors of the extreme neo-conservative, evangelical “Christian” movement. And why religion should have no part in politics. And they think I’m a bad Christian. Sheesh.


  4. damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!


  5. Thank you! We will always read your blog. You are a fabulous human.



  6. ditto on everyone’s comments !!!
    has he totally lost his mind?


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