humor in the face of tragedy

So, today in my email I get this picture. As hard as it’s been to laugh about all that is going on in our country and the world, this made me laugh out loud at my desk. I don’t know how else to deal with difficult things for long without a bit of humor and/or sarcasm so here is my daily dose of both. I hope you giggle even if only for a moment.

I can’t watch the news coverage but find myself drawn to web news at work. I just sit and cry and cry if I watch or read about it for too long. I am donating money, I wish I could go down there and help some other way, I know I can’t do that so here I sit with my tears and my hurting heart. I am holding the people affected by Katrina close in spirit every moment of every day.



3 responses to this post.

  1. I saw that. I don’t miss my car this week. 🙂

    I also deal with sad situations through humor and sarcasm–my grandfather used to tell me that some situations were too serious *not* to joke about. Always glad to see others who do, too.



  2. Thanks.. I needed that.




  3. lol thats so true…thank you for that–>


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