what on earth

I’ve not posted in a few days because there has been so very much going on. In my own personal space and the world in general. I didn’t see Oprah’s show since I was at work however I have heard about it and seen some clips from her website. Absolutely unbelievable. The devastation just breaks my heart and I wish I could do more than donate money. I cry at the drop of a hat. I feel like weights are holding me down. I understand what it all comes from, I just don’t know how to dig myself out of the hole right now.

Added to this major disaster in our country is a smaller, more personal disaster in my own life. A woman who I thought was a friend has for some reason blocked me out of her life now. I had to find out her daughter had her baby today from someone else and there are a myriad of other issues surrounding this friend and it is breaking my heart too. It seems pretty small in view of what’s going on in the world around me but there you have it. My heart is breaking on so many levels.

I’ve been reading blogs however between the first day of school and all the other drama lately, it’s so hard to write. I’m trying. My wish for all of us is peace.


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  1. I’m sorry your friend has decided not to be one. And please don’t feel guilty for living your life, which is just as important as what’s going on in other parts of the country. To quit living your daily life and feeling what your feeling is to be yet another victim of the tragedy, and you don’t need to be. Through living our lives and doing what we can to help, we can help everyone start to get through the dark times. We all have to be strong for those who can’t be just yet.


  2. Hugs!!!

    I’m so sorry things are so rough right now. Losing a relationship is always difficult especially if you don’t know why. Let yourself grieve, you need to in order to be able to let go.




  3. I am sorry about the situation with your friend.
    Hopefully things will get straightened out soon.
    As far as what is going on because of Katrina, I think we are all feeling helpless right now because no matter what we do it doesn’t feel like enough.
    It is so devastating and it will be a long time before we can sort out our feelings about what has happened.
    You are in my thoughts,


  4. I’m sorry sweetie.
    I have been through this too lately.
    It sucks on so many levels.
    I just realize eventually that they
    were never friends really.
    Some are only out for what they get in return. Never meaning to be a friend at
    all. It makes it easier to hurt us in
    the end.

    I’m sorry this hurts you.
    It’s ok to still have personal problems even when others have worse ones.
    There are no scales weighing who
    hurts worse in reality.


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