Tonight I am grateful:

for my daughters. The two at home and the one at college! It sounds like my girl is doing alright there and we have gotten the first edition of her newsletter complete with pictures. I have been feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I have been reading stuff about the transition to college and how it relates to the students and the parents and surprise! I’m normal! ROFL

for a job that allows me sick leave. I went to my mom’s oncology appointment today and everytime I do this, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have this job.

for the appraiser coming today. We are going to refinance our house one last time I think and for a rate that is considerably lower. We just need it to come in at a certain number and we’ll be alright and no mortgage insurance either! It would be an enormous help to our budget and I’m just hoping and keeping all crossed that it works like we need it to.

for getting the bug-bombs to de-bug daughter number 2’s bedroom. She had an enormous spider bite that got infected and ohmygawd! It was scary to look at. She’s been sleeping on the couch since Thursday or Friday. I know she needs to move back into her room now but I’m nervous about it.

for knowing that the hormone induced angst currently suffered by daughter #3 will pass too. Whew! She is a handful right now and loud about it too! Everything is drama and frustration and I love her so much. Sometimes it’s hard not to smile (which you just KNOW pisses her off!) when she is ranting because through it all, I can see my baby becoming a young woman and it’s beautiful and frustrating and amazing and bittersweet all at the same time. I love being a mother…absolutely love it. I feel so blessed to be here for these three young women. What a special gift they are.

for learning and moving forward and grieving and accepting and trying to let go and all of this things that go with growing. It is hard work even as an adult woman and somedays I just don’t wanna but it’s necessary and it’s happening and life goes on.

for getting here tonight. The computer was moved upstairs for homework etc when the bug bombs were set off and tonight we are hooking it all back up.

for not watching or listening to the news all weekend. I needed a break. I imagine so many need more than that and wish I could wave my magic wand, sprinkle a bit of fairy dust and help them so much.



3 responses to this post.

  1. See? You’re normal!

    Glad to hear she’s doing well at school, and that the other girls are doing well too, even if #3 is a tad hormonal, lol. Welcome to the wonderful world of womanhood, huh?

    Spiders. OMG!! I am VERY allergic to spider bites…gotta go to the doc or ER right away or it’s horribly infected within a couple of hours, and it swells up the area to like 4 times its size! I keep a can of Raid on top of my bookshelf by the front door and de-spider my front porch daily. UGH!!


  2. college – cool !
    how great is that?

    spiders – aaaahhhhh !
    not cool at all !

    Traci – kind, loving, sweet Mommy.
    and according to written documentation stating it–normal !
    whoo hoo !



  3. Spider bites can be scary dangerous! Good luck on the refinancing.


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