Thank you to all who commented about my last entry. I have to admit I was extremely worried about writing the email to her and her boyfriend. I am grateful to hear that rather than being interferring it was mostly loving. I always second guess myself when it comes to mothering…ok, not just mothering – it’s more like in EVERYTHING!

Anyway, I got an email from my girlie telling me she wasn’t angry, just frustrated that it seemed like I wasn’t trusting her decisions and that I raised her to make responsible choices and now I just needed to let her do that. I thought “Well, yeah, I raised you to do that but who knew you were actually listening???!!!” She also told me she knew I loved her and was grateful that I didn’t give her any grief about all this.


I got an email from her boyfriend! LOL He was very nice. Told me that if I wasn’t concerned, I wouldn’t be a good mother. He said he didn’t want to hurt her and would never pressure her into anything and that being safe was just part of being a responsible adult. He also gave me his cell phone number and said I could call him anytime and thanked me for caring about my girlie. He also said my deja vu experience was “very trippy”! HeeHee…


I went to therapy…all I can say about that is “OY VEY!” The anxiety all this triggered for me was extreme and turns out…dammit all…is related to…big surprise…MY OWN FREAKIN’ CRAP! I just hate that! When I left the office, I felt like I’d been through a mega work out and came home and passed out. The good news is I don’t feel nearly as anxious about my girl this morning and I can only assume that comes from being more aware of why it was bothering me. Go figure…

Her appointment is for today and I am nervous for her. My own first exam experience was traumatic in the extreme…so any and all good energy and vibes in her direction AND MINE will be greatly appreciated. : ) Motherhood…Wow.



6 responses to this post.

  1. Positive vibes going your and your daughters way!!!




  2. hi Traci, I am so far behind on blog
    visits as you know.
    I have so much to say in reply but have no time right now.
    I just want to make sure you know I am here and feel so alike you in many regards.
    Take care.


  3. Traci
    Sending her good vibes..I think all will be just fine. You have to remember the bright side–she feels safe enough with you to tell you she’s doing this (many daughters might just not) and she’s got a boyfriend who obviously loves her (vs. just getting birth control to be with any Tom or Harry).. She is doing the right thing, and you are a great mom!


  4. I’m glad you decided to do what your heart told you was right, and that both your girl and her boy responded well.

    How did the visit go for her? How are you feeling after your “work out?”


  5. You should be proud of yourself Traci!!
    You handled that situation with such grace. I am not saying it was easy for you just, that your response was amazing.
    I am grateful that your daughter came to you with this.


  6. sending lots and lots of positive energy in your direction—-catch !


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