holy moly…and then some…

Sometimes life teaches us lessons we have no desire to learn.

I wonder why, when our lack of desire to learn is so obvious, life insists on teaching us and re-teaching us.

We are hard-headed as a rule, us humans.

Perhaps it is because there are things we need to know, whether we want to know them or not.

We need to know how to practice kindness.

We need to know how to show respect, for ourselves as well as others.

We need to understand that we are never going to please everyone or be everything to them either.

We need to figure out where we are going in our lives and what we want from our life too.

We need to take care of ourselves first and foremost. If we do not take care of ourselves, how can we even begin to take care of others?

We need to remember that we cannot control or change other people. We can only control and change ourselves.

Making others feel badly will NEVER make them behave better.

If we spend our lives so worried about what others think of us, we spend our lives not living.

Friends are important.

Family is important.

WE are important. Each of us, in our own way IS IMPORTANT.

We touch and change the universe in ways no one else can or will.

We are each our own little ripple in the pond. How our ripple touches other ripples is not for us to decide. How we act, what we say, the people we love…all these things affect our ripple…and that, in turn affects other ripples we meet.

I feel so much frustration today because a lot of people cannot see the simplicity of this set up.

We have a choice to make every single day.

Do we get up or go back to sleep? Do we leave our home or stay in? Do we treat others with kindness and understanding or do we treat them horribly?

These are our choices. Every day…choices.

We make our choices and we get back what we put in…in one way, shape or form…the ripples are everywhere.



6 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful post… LOVE it!!


  2. clap clap clap !!



  3. holy moly is right !
    great post and then some:)


  4. To see life through the eyes of a child. My hope for the world. Thank you for this post Traci. So much of my unraveling through this morning’s drive in to work, so much of a piece of the knitting back up of the day ahead.

    I love you,


  5. That first sentence alone contains such wisdom.

    Absolutely beautiful. *hugs*


  6. Words to live by…




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