this made me laugh

Whenever I feel blue…
I start breathing again.
Guess I needed that after getting an obnoxious phone call from my would be stalker today. Someone from my old gratitude group called me AT WORK to say god only knows what and I hung up on her. Then she sent me an email telling me never to spread lies about her again. I was like WTF? She is creeping me out totally. Anyway, the laugh generated by this line was much needed… enjoy!

6 responses to this post.

  1. What a rotten, upsetting experience. Sounds like this person is not only unbalanced, but a loose cannon too. Hopefully, she will tire and find another outlet for her inappropriate rantings.

    The phrase is very, very funny btw.



  2. Funny and true! I trust that this person will move on since you won’t play the game.

    Being stalked like that is unsettling. Remember to breathe!:-)

    Love to you,


  3. That’s right up there with “I’m not deaf.. I’m ignoring you.”

    Love it!

    Sorry to hear the creeps are coming out 😦




  4. sheesh !
    I hope that she gets tired of it and leaves you alone.
    love the saying you started the post with–LOL !


  5. oh this is just awful
    I am so sorry they wont let up.
    I wish you the same peace I have found. You so deserve it too.


  6. The phrase is great, the rest sucks for you. She bears watching. *hugs*


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