Hey all:

I received an email this morning from a dear friend. She forwarded an email to me that she had received anonymously. The email said the following:

What do you know about Traci/Butterfly? I was told to contact someone from this gratitude board before getting close to her.”

Since I can only imagine one person in my whole world beginning something like this, I simply want to say that if any of you have heard from someone talking about me or asking about me…BEWARE.

This person is scary and definitely stalker material. I have absolutely no idea how this person would find anyone I know now and I don’t want to know really.

If you are perhaps the person behind this yahoo email address:

and want to know anything about me or what has gone on in my life before I arrived at blogspot, all you have to do is ask. I will be happy to tell you all about it and you can make whatever choice it is you feel you have to make.

I have already received a threatening phone call at my place of employment and several threatening emails from this person.

I am most definitely not perfect however this person will tell you so many untruths that you would need a million shovels to dig yourself out of the pile of shit they will bury you in if you give them a chance.

Ok, that’s it. I simply want to get this out in the open right now because the truth is I don’t email too many people anymore and the ones I know personally would never believe anything this individual said about me.

I realize none of you “know” me and that’s alright. This is mostly a cautionary message directed to you all.



5 responses to this post.

  1. it sounds like she wants to stir up trouble. none of us would ever believe any of the nonsense she says. don’t worry.


  2. Those things are illegal, so print out copies of every threatening email, AFTER you report them to yahoo or whatever the return address is, and take them to the police department. Most departments have internet investigators, and they will have access to the people who belong to the IP addresses. People who commit crimes should be punished, not the people who are the victims. Don’t let this person victimize you any more… report her ass to the appropriate authorities and let THEM shut her up.


  3. I agree with Jaded. Contact Yahoo and report this person! Then follow thru with the police. She needs to be stopped. Obviously has no life. This truly sucks!


  4. Yahoo is inundated with these
    requests everyday and sadly can seldom
    catch people who use anonymous addresses to apply.
    This person is dangerous.
    I wish I had some sage words for you.
    I can only assure you and who ever
    is inquiring about you, that you are a beautiful person.
    When people attack, it is rarely
    about something real you have done
    or who you are. It is entirely
    about THEM and their lack of something in their lives that allows them to think bullying is ok.
    I am so sorry this is happening
    to you.
    Please don’t let this person win.


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