sixteen years

Wow…it’s all I can say tonight. My 2nd beautiful daughter is 16 years old today. I look at her and feel peace. She is such a gift.

My girlie is an old soul. It is amazing to watch her discover the world and herself at the same time. She has such a big heart and wants to change the world. She sees things in a way that no other 16 year old I know does. She is intelligent, funny, caring and is extremely excited to be discovering that she likes math! Go figure…

I wish I could afford to enroll her in a school that would challenge her in ways that would excite her. She is so smart and school is so easy for her now that she gets bored and doesn’t want to go. We have talked about the Running Start program and how perhaps it will help her because she’ll be taking college classes while still in high school and the school district pays for it!

My girl wants to see the world and we are currently trying to get her into a short term exchange program for this summer. Finances may hinder it at this time but we are going to hit up her father for some bucks…I don’t see that happening but we will try anyway. Who knows…maybe we’ll be surprised! I wish I could give her everything she wants in life. I believe she will get it for herself eventually.

It took me 13 months to get pregnant with this baby girl of mine and two courses of a heavy duty fertility drug. When I first saw her my heart melted. I watch her in awe even now after all these years. She is such a light in my world and I am blessed to be her mother.

Happy Birthday Kendra Jae. I love you.



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  1. How COOL!!!! Your pride just radiates.

    Her life will be full of interesting challenges soon enough. Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be looking for things to engage her, but it’s the truth.

    Happy birthday, Kendra Jae!!! šŸ™‚


  2. Happy Sweet Sixteen Kendra! I hope all your wishes come true!!!


  3. That’s wonderful. Happy Birthday to her šŸ™‚


  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! WOOT!


  5. Oh, how I love the name you chose for her. I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating her day!



  6. Just discovered your blog! Wow, sweet sixteen. My “baby” will be four in two days and it already seems like she’s growing up too fast!


  7. Your love and pride in your daughter comes through your writing loud and clear! She sounds like an amazing young lady. Hope her birthday was as amazing as she is!


  8. Milestones are wonderful and so are you!

    Sorry I haven’t been around. Know that I think of you often and fondly.

    Loving you,


  9. oh and I missed it.
    So sorry to be such a rotten
    blogger lately.

    Happy belated birthday to
    your baby.
    Hope you are well.


  10. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    And while it’s nice to be able to give our kids “stuff,” it’s not the “stuff” that matters most. You’re giving her the love and support she needs, which is what’s most important.


  11. Happy Birthday! I can’t imagine my daughter (now 7!!) turning 16. Amazing.

    One thing’s for sure — reading good books is free (with a library card).

    Keep at it!



  12. this entry radiates joy and love, and it made me so happy to read it. the love you have for your daughter is so pure. thank you for making me smile.


  13. Happy Belated Birthday Kendra.

    Lisabeth and her Velveteen Rabbit
    post made me cry also. Your in
    good company-you are a great support to all of us.



  14. awww happy birthday Kendra :o)


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