another day

Another chance to make it what I want it to be. I appreciate those who commented on my last post. I’ve deleted it from this space because I simply felt too vulnerable. Not that anyone was rude or anything…in fact, they were exactly the opposite of what I expected. I put it “out there” and for now I feel more comfortable keeping it “in here”. : ) Both are good things.



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  1. I hope today is a good day for you
    Traci. You deserve many good day’s!
    I fixed the url on our page for the site.



  2. I am sorry I did not see your last post. You know my email, use it if you need it 🙂


  3. A big thanks for your kindness.
    Have a great day.



  4. That makes a lot of sense to me.


  5. I read your last post and didn’t comment on it. The words I wanted wouldn’t come. For now, let me say how amazingly strong you were to put it out there and how amazingly wise I think you are for deleting it. You did the right thing at the right time ~ both times. In another life, I was a counselor. I know brave and smart when I see it.


  6. *hug* As long as you get what you need, including some good days SOON.


  7. here’s hoping all your days have something happy in them 🙂



  8. I don’t know what was deleted but it sounds like you got what you needed to from the writing of it.
    That is using the craft as it was intended.
    To emote, to tell a tale and express a thought, a feeling.
    No one can say whether it should be public and for how long.
    Good for you for being in charge of what is right for you
    Much love


  9. The nice things about blogs…you can do WHATEVER you want, and stand tall, no matter what you say or don’t say.

    So cheers to you and your words, or, to no words…as you choose.

    (and have a great weekend, too!)


  10. Oh man! I missed all the drama!

    just kidding. Glad to hear you are doing better — whatever was wrong!


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