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We’ve had rain in my little corner of the world for 31 of the last 32 days. The only day we were not blessed with the water was January 4th. Our rain fall is two to three times the average for this time of year depending on which little piece of my little corner of the world you live in. Oy!

I happened upon a news article about a blog I’ve yet to visit however it was created with an interesting idea. Some guy self addressed 3000 or so postcards and started distributing them around his neighborhood and other places he’d go with instructions that told anyone who found them to write down one of their secrets and mail it. They did and his blog has taken on a life of it’s own I guess. Amazing.

My baby girl, daughter #3, finally crossed that lovely bridge into womanhood last weekend. If she knew I was writing this here she would totally come unglued. She has gone into adolescence protesting loudly the entire way, let me tell you.

The little miss made plans for a friend to come spend the night and the friend called a couple hours before the scheduled event and said she didn’t feel good so she wasn’t coming. My girlie was disappointed to say the least. She found her way into my office to chat about it and I, heaven forbid, had the gall to say “Perhaps she’s having her period too. You never know.”

My lovely daughter made a disgusted sound, rolled her eyes and said “Odd, it’s even annoying when you talk about OTHER people’s periods. Is bugging me your job or something?” I replied “My job as your mother is to raise you the best I can, giving you as much information and guidance as you need so that you can make your way into the world as an adult and take care of and provide for yourself. Bugging you is just one of the perks.” If you’ve ever seen a teenage girl flounce out of a room, you can imagine quite clearly how she left the chair next to me!

Gawd, I love motherhood! TeeHeee!

A sweet friend from work died Sunday and his memorial service is tomorrow. He battled lung cancer and emphyzema for 7 years. He was only 49 years old. I am so sad he’s gone. Whenever he would come into our office he would be so sweet and as he was leaving he’d look me in the eye (which was hard to do because he was 6’6″ and I’m 5’2″!) and say “Now you stay out of trouble young lady.” in that soothing voice he had. I know we will all miss him.

My mom now weighs 100 pounds. She is a skeleton with skin. She wears little girl clothes now that are too big for her. She doesn’t eat and has no energy. She hasn’t left her house except for her CT scan appointment in two months. I think when she leaves us it will be quickly. Her next doctor’s appointment is Monday. We will all go together and I will speak up and say what I think. I believe it will be a tough visit. I am scared. I think my mom is too when she can remember what she’s doing.

Daughter #2 said to me “I feel like I’m going crazy most of the time and I’m so glad we go to Stepping Stones because I am reminded about how normal I am.” She is such a tender soul. Another conversation we recently had was about how she feels so different from most of the kids she goes to school with, even her friends. I said “You mean like a square peg in a round hole?” She replied “I like to think of it as being a round peg in a square hole because then I still have room to move around in.” How profound is that? My girls amaze me…every single day.

Daughter #1 finished her fall quarter at college with a 3.994 GPA! WoooHooo! She rocks too!

Tonight I am grateful:

for my daughters. Amazing young women indeed.

for this computer.

for having a job that gives me flexibility when I need it.

for the bed I’m going to climb into shortly.

for my puppy, Riley.

for learning something new every single day.



10 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for your sharing about your girls. It’s nice to see that others feel both the frustrations and the amazement of children!


  2. I’m a total post secret addict and have been for months. It’s a morbidly fascinating site!

    Welcome to womanhood for DD #3.. I love love love your comeback! I simply must memorize that for my future run-ins with teenaged daughters (oh heavens please no!!!)

    Also love the round peg in the square hole statement… a true philosopher there…LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

    WTG for DD#3.. that’s is a VERY impressive score! You (and she) have EVERY right to be super proud!!!

    Glad to hear things are going well in your world even if they are a tad damp 😉



  3. I’m so happy to have blog space, to share my thoughts and grow from learning about the thoughts of others…


  4. I’ve been to that blog many times over the past few months. Amazing. It reminds me of a performance art piece where you could leave your voice apology…anonymous of course.



  5. Love the statement about a round peg in a square hole. There’s such depth and complexity to the thinking surrounding that. Wow.


  6. I am sorry about your friend-this cancer is out of control!!!

    I laughed about the chat with the daughter-OY is right!!

    Maybe just maybe I will post that picture I made Sarah take down.

    I work at a University as I said and “made” her take it down-God forbid somebody see me on the WEB.



  7. OK I caved in and I posted a picture so now you can be afraid!



  8. awwwww, such good news (even for the little one 🙂

    I am glad you are there for your girls, and your mom.

    and btw — you are NOT heavy! I have seent he pics you took with your mom & girls! 🙂

    Have a great Sunday, I will be at a sports bar for the better part of the day watching football!


  9. you’ve got a lot going on it seems.
    Your comments about your daughter brought memories of my Mom rushing back…I too did not embrace “womanhood” too well at the time!
    I’m so sorry to hear your Mom is not well…I’m new to your blog and don’t know the details, but I do know the pain of watching my Mom suffer and losing her. Peace.


  10. Traci:
    If I was in a private practice.
    I would feel as if I were breaking
    the “code of ethics”. Would you
    want to see your internist on some blog?

    Since I work in the University
    as a Training Director for the
    Internal Medicine Residents. I go on the rounds with them in the hospital etc….that is different in my eyes. But the picture will be going shortly.

    Thanks for the nice compliments.
    But I do have about a 1/2 lb of makeup on to hide the big old bags under my eyes.



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