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FYI: Before I get to the q & a, a hospice nurse visited my mom today. It was hard…and so it goes…

4 jobs I’ve had:

1. medical assistant at a birthing center
2. staff assistant/tutor for public school system
3. janitor
4. wedding boutique salesperson

4 places I’ve lived

1. Castle Rock, WA
2. Long Branch, NJ
3. Ely, NV
4. Goose Creek, SC

4 movies I’d watch again

1. American President
2. Finding Nemo
3. Anything with John Travolta in it
4. Sound of Music

4 television shows I love to watch

1. Survivor
2. Amazing Race
3. CSI
4. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

4 favorite foods

1. macaroni & cheese
2. brownies
3. steak
4. cheesecake

4 places I’d rather be right now

1. in bed
2. in a recording studio
3. Disneyland
4. the beach

4 albums I cannot live without

1. there is absolutely no way I can choose only 4.
2. I LOVE country music.
3. current faves are Rascal Flatts, Brooks & Dunn and
4. a bunch of others.

4 tags

I can’t even begin to think of whom to tag right now. My brain is too fried to think straight and my eyes are too puffy to see straight…so if you wanna…DO!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Very good on the Yiddish word you
    have it correct. I like your foods,
    esp. the brownies.

    Thanks for going to Debs and Krankis.

    We will pray for you and your



  2. Big fan of Fred Rogers. BIG. I hope this brought some silliness and wasn’t just a pain in the ass to have to do with everything else that’s making your eyes puffy.


  3. WOW what’s it like to be a ma at a birthing clinic? I can’t imagine going through utter heartbreak and utter joy in the same day! Must have been quite the ride!


  4. Sorry you have to guess!



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