today’s assignment

Thirty things that make me laugh…teehee…

1. my daughters
2. my puppy
3. reading the posts lately at swlf, debs and krankis
4. timothy…sometimes
5. children’s laughter
6. sunshine
7. some good jokes I’ve heard lately
8. weird comments on some blogs I read
9. the viagra song (by 4 bitchin’ babes) my fave radio station plays on fridays
10. music
11. rainy days
12. riding my lawn tractor
13. my new cd/stereo for the kitchen
14. my electric blue pt cruiser
15. people I work with
16. going to the car show tomorrow…not my fave but I laugh because I’m going anyway!
17. taking pics with my cell phone
18. the bra currently hanging on the wall in here
19. my in-laws
20. monty python
21. lewis black
22. the shrub
23. maxine comics
24. playing video games with daughter #3
25. thinking about sarah when I eat m & m’s
26. the pug when he eats off a fork
27. my boss when he’s trying so hard not to explode
28. funny t-shirts
29. the people next door…they are soooo… ummm… interesting
30. the hospice nurse calling my aunt and I ‘yahoos’ when we saw her

Whew! Silliness is good!


2 responses to this post.

  1. pefect-the laughs are good.

    as always thanks for the love at
    deb’s we thanks you, and so does

    ps. flip the husbands. lisabeth
    posted passport pictures. if her
    husband saw that he would croak.



  2. silliness is great! good for the soul. 🙂


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