My mother died this morning at 8:15 a.m. She didn’t struggle…simply closed her eyes and went to sleep. My heart is broken and now I am writing her obituary. I sort of lost my mind this morning and they gave me tranquilizers…unbelievable.

I love you Mommy. Peace.


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  1. May God’s love strengthen and comfort you in this time of sorrow.


  2. {{{{{Traci}}}}} I’m so so sorry.


  3. {{{{Traci}}}}

    I’m really sorry. You can never be entirely prepared for this.

    Of course you freaked out. There will be struggle, but there will also be joy, please believe it.


  4. May God give you and your loved ones the strength and comfort you need through these trying times.


  5. traci, i wish i was closer (distance-wise) to you. i wish i could be near you now. please know that you are perpetually in my thoughts. words don’t help i know, but if the emotions of your friends could heal, you’d be basking in sunlight and love. know that you are, in our minds and hearts.


  6. I love you more than you can imagine. The last step in this journey is now upon you-of course there is shock. Trust in the divine timing of all things my friend and know that your life is opening up in so many ways. Moving one step forward and two steps back, two steps forward and one step back but always progressing forward.

    I love you,


  7. Oh no, Traci, I’m so so sorry to hear this, and that I wasn’t here yesterday to read it!!

    May you find comfort in all the love you shared with her throughout your life, and in the knowledge that she is in a much better place, free from pain. She will always be with you…close your eyes and feel her presence, and know that she loves you.

    You remain in my prayers, my friend.


  8. Traci,
    I am so sorry for you and all
    of your family. I am really very,
    very, sorry for your loss.

    WE will all keep you and your
    family in our prayers.

    Take care of you.



  9. I am so sorry…I will keep you and your family in my prayers


  10. Oh… I had no idea. I’m sorry. I was over at SWLF and saw you’re from around here, and was just popping in to get better acquainted. But I wish I had better timing. I’m just so, so, so sorry! I’ll keep you in my thoughts,



  11. Just came over to tell you I love you because I do.

    Sending love and hugs your way along with an angel or two.

    Loving you,


  12. I am so sorry about your Mom.
    just hold on to the thought that one day you will be able to smile at the memories you have. for now, the tears that fall are from the precious love you have for your Mom and forever will.
    know you are in my thoughts and I am sending all the strength I can to you now and remember I am always here for you.
    many many hugs,


  13. ohhhhh Traci. Email me, I will send you my number if you need anything!

    I am sending love and eternal peace to you.


  14. Traci..Gentle hugs for you..I am so sorry to hear this. My heart felt sympathies go out to you and your family at this time.


  15. ((((Traci))))
    I am so sorry. Hugs and much love to you.
    Lea (yes its blog)


  16. you are loved and missed.


  17. Oh, I am so sorry!
    My Mom died a year and a half ago, I do feel your pain.–>


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