i’m back

from weirdsville.

What a relief. Any trip there is never a good one. I didn’t sleep much but that two hour nap I took today between 9 and 11 was recuperative for sure. Whew! Now, I’m simply exhausted and ready for bed!

I spoke with daughter #1 today. She sounds terrible however it’s from whatever virus is going around campus and nothing more drastic. She has good friends over there and for that I am eternally grateful. I’ve chatted with a couple of her friends recently and they are keeping a good eye on her. I feel much better about it all tonight.

Please go visit my buddy Deb. Tomorrow is her stem cell transplant and she needs all our good vibes and energy headed her way. Thank you ahead of time!

Now I have to go upstairs and moderate a rather large and loud disagreement between daughters #2 & #3 over who will get in the shower first! The good news about this is that daughter #3 never, Never, NEVER wants to take a shower voluntarily so the simple fact that she is arguing over who goes first is a freakin’ miracle!



3 responses to this post.

  1. Rejoice in the little things, eh? Yeah, our 12 year old girlie isn’t much into voluntary hygiene yet, either. So glad to hear that you’re back from wierdsville and that Numero Uno daughter is okay!!! Hugs and pleasant dreams to you, dearie!


  2. Hey lady! Just checkin’ in. Hope your week is free of wierdness!


  3. Hope you were able to settle their spat..and that things are ok! (((Hugs to you)))


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