mother’s day

Today my mother-in-law (actually my step mother in law, but I call her my MIL because she’s the one who is kind to me) asked if we would come down to visit them on her birthday…which this year happens to land on Mother’s Day. (I know this because she made sure we knew this) I started crying and said “Sure, why not, it’s not like I have a mother now anyway.” Good grief.

This will be a year of firsts. It hasn’t helped much that I got a picture of my mom on her last day of life yesterday either. It was so obvious to me what was happening and everyone else was in denial. The picture tells the tale to be sure.

Ok, enough of that.

This weekend we had the most beautiful weather. I even saw garage sale signs. Those are a sure signal that Spring is right around the corner! I am grateful it’s so close. I am in need of some renewal.



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  1. {{Hugs}} I’m glad you have something to help keep you sane on Mother’s Day. I know you’re feeling so sad… I wish I could make it better.


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