We’ve been emptying my parents house the past few weeks. Such a job. Heartrending if you want the truth.

It’s got me to thinking about things like “What the fuck do we all need so much STUFF for?” We spend our entire lifetime collecting this crap and what happens when we die? The people we leave behind have the job of going through it all and figuring out what to do with it.

Who on earth wants 437 cards you’ve received over the past 30 years from people they don’t even know? What purpose does it serve to keep them? Do you think my mom went back and read them over and over? They were in this huge box in the very back of her closet for heaven’s sake! And tell me, please, what does one do with a gazillion different match books? Don’t even get me started on the duplicate tools my dad had or the little pieces of paper stashed in every damn nook and cranny that have “important” information written on them but haven’t been seen since 1990!

What an eye opener this is. When we are done clearing out my parents home, I am starting on mine. I will keep the things that mean something to me…stuff from when my babies were little…mementos from travels etc…but the things that don’t mean anything and haven’t been used since I moved into this house three years ago are going! My attic is jammed with boxes and I can count on one hand the boxes I’ve opened in this past 3 years.

Life is too precious to spend it acquiring things and stuff. I am determined to make more memories and collect fewer material things. There’s got to be a better way and I am going to begin the journey towards discovering what it is.

I need to tell you all how much I appreciate you stopping by to check on me the past couple weeks. I have so much to say and I just can’t write it at this time. Maybe soon…just…not…now.



8 responses to this post.

  1. Wow, I just had a very similar conversation with Mr. Jaded about the garage! I just think it’s time to purge the junk out of our lives, figuratively and literally. We’ve decided on May to clean it all out!

    Stay strong, girlfriend!


  2. That’s what friends do…we check on each other. Hope things get a bit easier. It is so hard to move through this particular loss. I am sending thoughts and prayers your way.



  3. Love, peace and hugs to you, sweetie.


  4. Glad to know you have left us completely.. been missing you.

    I’m a flinger, Hubby is the packrat. We find a balance though you can definitely tell which rooms are HIS and which are MINE. Lord knows that when he does want something he “put away just in case” he always asks me where it is as though I would know the contents of his office and workshop.

    Fling I say.. purge purge purge… not only will you be psychologically lighter.. but it’s soooo much easier to keep the house tidy!



  5. I am glad you are here..I checked a lot but then wondered if my link to your page was just not updating! I am thinking of you and sending hugs!!!


  6. I am so sorry you are dealing with this difficult job. Hugs.


  7. Traci,
    Going through your parent things,
    has to be very difficult. I have yet
    to do that with Sarah’s “stuff”. I
    decided I can’t, so it will sit until
    I return.

    You are truly a friend, and I love you.



  8. Over at mine, Gnightgirl once called it “the blog light”. I got the image of the light Gotham shines to call Batman. You send up the Blog Light and we come running. And sometimes, we come running when we don’t see the Blog Light for “too long” ~ whatever that means. Bottom line is, we’re here.

    As for the stuff, every so often, I just throw out the boxes. If I haven’t opened them, it means I haven’t needed or missed what’s in them. What I miss, I have found or replaced. Otherwise ~ I throw it out. This allows me to keep track of the important stuff and keeps the old stuff from taking over!


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