roll call…

~ Dad ~
April 14, 2005
~ Ron ~
June 26, 2005
~ Sarah ~
August 2, 2005
~ Greg ~
December 3, 2005
~ Jerry ~
December 4, 2005
~ Rolla ~
January 15, 2006
~ Mom ~
February 1, 2006
~ Bonnie ~
March 25, 2006
~ Nikki ~
April 13, 2006
Rest in peace my family, my friends.
I will miss you forever.

4 responses to this post.

  1. i’m new here and i’m sending you lots of light beams. incredible, the losses you have sustained this year.
    no words, but {{{{you}}}}


  2. Hugs from me and the Zoester.

    Sometimes I just don’t understand shit in this world.

    I love you.



  3. God. I can’t look at this list without wanting to hold you like my 3-year old. I am crying for all your pain. And now some of it is mine, too. I wish I could make it stop. Love you, sweetie!


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