Have you ever noticed that everything…and I mean everything…has a smell?  Does the average person think about stuff like this?  Do I have too much time on my hands?  šŸ˜‰ 

As I took some laundry out of the dryer the other day, I smelled it and thought "I bet my children remember this smell for their whole life…even if they end up doing their laundry with different stuff when they leave home."  I have had my children say to me at different times "Mom, you smell good" or "Mom, that lady smelled like you do!" or something along those lines.  It always makes me smile. 

There was a promo for some show last year and in it, the little girl is laying in bed hugging her mommy g'night and she says "Mommy, you smell different."  Of course, the mommy had been taken over by aliens or some such thing but the point is we identify with smells so much.  They trigger feelings and/or memories both good and/or bad and memories lead to other stuff, also good and/or bad.

Think about the smell of your Thanksgiving turkey cooking.  I love to go for a walk on Thanksgiving Day just so I can come into the house and be bombarded with the smell.  šŸ™‚  How about the last time you visited with your grandparents?  Do you remember the smell of their house?  My grandmother's (dad's mom) house smelled a certain way and, while I'd be hardpressed to describe that smell to you, I can tell you the minute I'm somewhere that smells just like it!  The smell brings my grandmother immediately to mind.  I can see her in all her 4'8" hardheaded, stubborn, bitchy glory!  She lived to be 95 so she obviously did something right! 

I stood next to someone in an elevator a few days ago who was definitely a smoker.  How did I know that without a doubt?  They smelled like an ashtray.  I know this without question because that was my mom's smell.  I found myself wishing she'd had a comforting smell instead of one I identify with her death.  I think in my mind, the smell of smoking will always equal death and dying now.  It gives me the creepy-crawlies. 

Remember the movie Michael?  John Travolta plays the part of an angel sent to earth for a bit and he smells like cookies.  I love the idea that angels smell like cookies!  What a great plug for aromatherapy, eh? 

Who doesn't have a good memory that surrounds the smell of cookies baking?  I remember my beautiful daughter's baby looks of glee when the smell of cookies baking reached them.  Their rosy little baby cheeks were so cute and the giggles that went with them were precious.  I can still see the look on daughter #3's face when her granny (my mom) gave her the very 1st cookie she'd ever had.  Up until this time, she was more than a year old, she hadn't had anything that resembled junk food and I was determined to keep it that way as long as possible too!  Of course, Granny had other ideas.  Baby #3 took a bite of that cookie and the look of total amazement that crossed her sweet little face was priceless!

I started thinking about comforting smells a few weeks ago after reading something about comfort.  I don't even remember where I read it but it's stuck with me for some reason.  Since my mom's death four-and-a-half months ago, I think about comfort alot.  I often find myself wishing my mommy was here and then I remember that when she was alive she wasn't a very comforting person.  I think what I'm really wishing for is a mommy and not necessarily my mommy. 

So, what's your favorite smell?  When it comes to aromatherapy, what creates good feelings for you?  Share please.  I'm looking for new ways to foster feelings of well-being and peacefulness. 

Since my parents have passed, I have felt undefined, so to speak.  I am trying to find my way and figure out just who I am now that I'm no one's daughter.  

I've begun a stretching routine and some breathing exercises again.  I'm determined not to let my gray hairs bother me and I plan on heading into my 42nd year with a plan for better health…mental and emotional as well as physical.  Aromatherapy is just one avenue I am exploring. 

My goal is to literally feel peace.  As often as possible.



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  1. Posted by The Boston Pobble on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 10:48 pm

    I wear vanilla on an almost daily basis. I know that, for many of my friends, that is the smell they relate to me.

    My favorite smells were my father’s hair and my grandfather’s pipe. I would stand behind Daddy, with my hands on his shoulders and rest my nose on the top of his head. I don’t know why I started doing it. To kiss him while he was sitting down, perhaps, I don’t know. But the reason became, eventually, to smell him. My grandfather smoked the same pipe tobacco my entire life. I still have the tobacco pouch that came out of his back pocket the day he died. It smells like my Papa.

    Other wonderful smells that bring me comfort:

    * the smell of a book
    * closely related ~ the smell of a library. (notice sometime that different libraries smell different. a law library doesn’t smell anything like a public library)
    * those right before and right after rain smells
    * the smell of a musty attic


  2. The smell of basil, garlic and olive oil sauteeing; homemade wheat bread baking; wisteria in bloom; a mountain creek. Those are my favorites. Sending you hugs, Sweetie.


  3. I love smells! I am very affected by them both good and bad. Love hyacinth, smell just before a summer rain, my Mom’s perfume, my children…it all takes you someplace in an instant.


  4. Remember last year when I wrote about smells too? Primordial beings we. Aromatherapy does have meaning because it touches the memory of our brain. I smell of sandalwood and nag champa. maybe a bit of eucalyptus and a touch of vanilla oil sometimes too. I am finding that the vanilla oil is very comforting with the sandalwood. nothing uplifting, smooth comfort.

    I love you friend,


  5. Posted by scribbleandscribe on Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 4:07 pm

    I don’t have a sense of smell anymore and I miss it.


  6. Hi Sweetie,

    Gosh I am a scent hog, I love scents, my house always has to smell good no matter what.. if there is an odour in this house I will track it down to get rid of it..including sniffing the bloody carpets to find it..LOL.. scents do bring memories to mind though.. if I smell Kerosote I think of my dad.. pipe tobacco uncle.. cigarettes and stale mum… and everyones house has its own scent too.. thanks for the thought provoking entry.. I love you girlie..think of you always…MWAH to you too šŸ˜‰


  7. Lilacs in the spring air always make me feel somewhat nostalgic and melancholy. I have no idea why. As Pobble and I have discussed, I also wear vanilla a lot. I also wear a scent called “Cotton Blossom” from Bath and Bodyworks. It’s light and clean. I also LOVE citrus scents in the summer because they smell cool and clean. During the winter, I love cinnamon candles and cranberry candles.

    Mostly, I love the smell of my daughter’s hair when she’s sleeping next to me. That’s the best.


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