one more day

Until I am on vacation!  I am going nowhere and have very few plans and am most grateful!  Just knowing that I don’t have to go into work for an entire week is fabulous!

I am feeling calm lately.  A bit sad however mostly calm.  I realized today that I didn’t miss my mom.  First day since she died I think.  Writing those words brought a tear or two so perhaps I’m just not in touch with my feelings so much today.  That’s ok I think.  We all need a day off now and then. 😉

I can’t find her death certificates.  I know exactly where they were but they are not there now and I’m at a loss.  The thought that I will have to march my bootie to the health department in the next county to pay for another one when I already have FOUR somewhere in this damn house is annoying to say the least!  I’ve got to have them to finish ordering her grave marker from the military (and hopefully close her checking account once the social security fiasco created by my aunties is cleared up) so I hope I find them while I’m on vacation.  Grrr…

My birthday is next week.  I’ve decided that since 40 was such a tough year for me, I’m going to do it over.  🙂  No.  Really.  I mean it.  I figure hell, I don’t look my age so I can really be any freakin’ number I want to be.  And I am calling “do overs” for this one.  Seems reasonable to me.  😉



4 responses to this post.

  1. Happy early birthday sweety! I’ve got some catching up to do around here 🙂


  2. I am TOTALLY with you on the do-over. I fully support your decision to be 40 again as many times as you like. My friend Jenn’s been 29 for going on 8 years now. Honestly, I think it keeps her looking younger!

    Hope you can find a certificate soon. Funny how it’s always the most important papers that seem to go missing? Wonder why that is?




  3. Morning sweetie,
    Happy early birthday!! You are so right you do NOT look your age! Be whatever age you like 😉
    Hope the certificate shows will be some place silly you’ll see… like right under your nose!!
    Enjoy your time off baby..


  4. hey girl,
    thanks for the visit and birthday wishes.
    take the week to just do whatever the hell you want to.
    Sounds like heaven to me.


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