happy birthday

To my sweet, eclectic friend, Shari!

I had a really wonderful experience yesterday with a special friend and it brought home (again) just how truly blessed I am. 

There are things in my life that completely and totally suck.  I’m sure we can all say that.  There are lots of things I wish with all my heart had never happened.  I’m sure we can all say that too.  In spite of, or perhaps, because of, the above mentioned things…

I am a blessed woman and I am so grateful.  I have amazing children, special friends, a decent job, and a nice home.  I am healthy (save for arthritis and a few other slightly annoying issues), I’m on vacation and it is sunny and warm today! 

To any and all who may stop by today or tomorrow or whenever…

Thank you for sharing a small part of my life.  I appreciate you and love you more than I can tell you.  Yes, I mean you.  And you too.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you, Sweet Pea! It was a great day, even though I wasn’t certain on Saturday that Sunday would be…! My magic husband saved the whole weekend by arranging that early a.m. hike together. And you are next in the birthday line, my dear. *rubs hands gleefully together*


  2. Isn’t it nice when moments like these grab us and remind us of what is beautiful and meaningful. I am so happy you had that and shared it with your blogpals!


  3. glad you had good day my friend… you sound great.. I hope you and the girls have a great 4th july!!
    Take care sweetie….


  4. Sounds like you’re having a happy day 🙂 I’m so glad! happy days rock!




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