things that go bump update

My thanks to all for the good thoughts and prayers etc.  The doctor put me on an antibiotic after cutting open the “thing” and getting a bunch of crap out of it.  A culture was done and I do not have the results yet.  HOWEVER, the lymph node that was gi-HUGE-ic and painful is now back to about normal and isn’t painful at all.  The down side to all this is that I’ve had er, there’s really no way to put this delicately, the runs for days because the medicine was heavy duty.  🙂  Aren’t you glad you checked in for that?! 


6 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, girl, checking in with you is a pleasure, regardless. I’m glad things are less problematic, and hopefully, without concern. Keep us informed. My best!


  2. Sorry — it feels awkward to be grateful to hear you have the runs…. But, I’m really grateful to hear you have the runs. *whew*


  3. having the runs means all the ‘bad bugs’ are being flushed away! I’m glad your feeling better.


  4. Good news. If ‘gunk’ and ‘poop’ can be good news.


  5. Ugh……wow, this is no fun at all.
    Hope you are healing well now.


  6. Man what a crappy experience! Sorry, couldn’t resist that one…hope you are feeling back to normal soon.



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