companies that make me go grrrrrr!

Yesterday I received in the mail an overdraft notice. It said I was overdrawn 390 dollars! I could NOT believe it. Turns out the company that I get my internet and cable and phone service from debited my checking account TWICE!  Holy apeshit batman! I am not a happy customer. Today I’m up to 500 dollars overdrawn and have been hung up on a few times by the lovely employees at this lovely company. I want the company to credit my account for the amount they took the second time as well as all the overdraft fees that are happening because they took my money! Do you think for a moment they want to do this for me? Noooooooooooooooooo! It’s the run-a-round I’m getting and I am one pissed off mama let me tell you! I did call the bank today and explain the situation to them. They are going to reverse all the charges but it’s going to take 5-10 business days to accomplish this task. If it takes 5 seconds to take my money can you explain why it takes two freakin’ weeks to correct the error? No one can do that for me either! It’s all procedure this and procedure that. I’ve had it and tomorrow I will be contacting headquarters or corporate or whatever these big wigs call their head shed and making some more noise. Do you know what else totally sucks about this? I’ve been looking for another cable internet provider and it appears this company who shall remain nameless (unless of course you have my email address then you know exactly who I am referring to!) for now is a MONOPOLY! I thought those were illegal in this country?! What on earth was I thinking?! Grrrrrr…


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  1. Oh, that is just too much. That is really unacceptable. I would be majorly pissed off if I were in your place. And the worst part is that they really have no incentive to help you properly because they have a monopoly. (Monopolies are illegal in general, but for certain utilities such as electricity, cable TV, and internet, cities can grant legal monopolies so that there aren’t four different companies’ power lines criss-crossing the city, for example.) I hope everything works out. You should make sure the bigheads at the corporation know how frustrated you are.


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