ugly ducklings and caterpillars

As my daughters and I traveled last Thursday from point A to point B, daughter #3 mentioned the story of the ugly duckling.  We’d seen a swan and that began the conversation.  I’ve been thinking about it since then for whatever reason.  It reminded me of the time in my life when I decided to get a tattoo.

In January ’98, I had breast reduction surgery.  I’m not even gonna try to explain just how gi-normous I was.  Let me simply say that when I woke up, I was a ‘B’ cup and would have cheerfully gotten my drugged up butt out of bed to kiss the feet of the surgeon if she had walked in at the right time!  I’ve gained weight since then and am a ‘C’ now but even that is more than wonderful to me!  So, anyway…

In my family of origin, there are two breast sizes:  gi-normous and non-existent.  There is no in between.  None.  I’m serious.  The inequity is well, just wrong in my opinion.  Of course, our asses have the same issue but I’m lucky on that score!  LOL  The short story is that I spent my entire life feeling ugly.  Until my breast surgery.  Afterwards, I still felt ugly sometimes but it wasn’t all encompassing and even my clothing choices changed.  It was absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself.

My tattoo was my way to permanently celebrate my transformation.  Originally, I wanted fireworks…you know, the beautiful sparkly bursts of color we see in the sky…to celebrate my birthday and my re-birth.  The tattoo guy said he couldn’t do it since the outline wasn’t clear enough.  I decided on a butterfly at long last.  To me, it symbolized going from something ugly to something lovely.  My ankle is now decorated with a beautiful butterfly in my favorite colors.  After 8 years, I still love it. 

Plus, it totally freaked out my aunts which was a bonus!  Heehee…can you imagine what they’d say about the cousin who has her nipples pierced?  LOL


7 responses to this post.

  1. My belly ring was the talk of the family for two years! *sheesh* I’m glad you still love your ankle butterfly!!


  2. I got my tattoos and eyebrow piercing for similar reasons. I’ve since gotten rid of the eyebrow ring tho 😉




  3. Are you sure we’re not related? The boob size choices in our family are exactly the same as in yours. Maybe you are a distant cousin who got my share in the boobie department. Give it back!!! Wah!!!


  4. Hi Traci, I`m here via Lyn`s journal. I just thought I`d pop in and say Hello. 🙂


  5. Hi Traci. . Ive come from Lynns journal to say hello too : )


  6. Hiya Traci,

    Hope you don’t mind me sending a couple of my AOl mates over to say you know I finally did the cult entry… as you know that was the condensed version… I know it was hard for you babe..but personally I think we are both better off without ’em!! Love you mamacita… MWAH!!


  7. You are so adorable and funny!


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