called on account of…


This morning at 4:20 a.m. our phone rings. The one right by the bed. At 4:20 a.m. Calls at this hour of the day are never good. Before my mom passed, if the phone rang late I would freak out. This morning I simply went “Huh?”

In reply to my oh so eloquent way of answering the phone, my boss says “Uh, Trace, it’s G. The district is closed today so no one has to come in to work.” I, thinking I must have misheard him, shook my head and said “Huh?” He mumbled something else and I finally had a few words to put together. I said “Are you telling me I don’t have to come to work today?” He said “Yep, the superintendant closed the whole district.” I thanked him, rolled over to tell the husband  we didn’t have to work today and he said “Huh?” LOL

They NEVER cancel work because of weather! Kids don’t go to school but we always always ALWAYS go to work! WTF??? About a half hour later, husband’s boss calls and says the same thing only he adds “This is weird, I don’t think they’ve ever done this before.” By then I’m thinkin’ I have to get up and look outside to see what blizzardy like storm has befallen us all while we were snoozing.

There was NOTHING more than when we went to bed! I have no idea what the powers that be were thinking this morning but I’m sure grateful for a day off. I’m sure there will be a lot of talk tomorrow about having our work day called on account of WTF!



4 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome!! There’s nothing like a good day off. I hope you enjoyed it!


  2. Oh enjoy! Nothing rocks like a Snow Day!


  3. I love a good snow day! Right now, I’d settle for an actual winter. We’ve had like 35 days of above average temps. Last Saturday it was 72 and today it’s gonna be almost 60. It should be in the upper 30’s or low 40’s,but no… it feels like spring. Allegedly, winter will arive later this week and stick around. I could definitely use a snow day!


  4. I would LOVE a snow day! Alas…it rarely snows here. By rarely I mean it *might* snow once every 10 years and if we are very very lucky, the 1/2 inch dusting will stick around until about 10 am! I keep waiting for the snow this winter though…it’s quite cold for us this year. Temps in the teens at night and in the uppr 30’s and lower 40’s during the day. Hope you enjoyed your day off.


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