I didn’t realize how long it had been since I wrote here. Oy. Lots going on in my little space in the world. My daughters have been busy with school productions: rehearsals, opening nights, closing nights etc etc.

Daughter #1 is still in school at Eastern. She has been involved in some excitement in the music department and for days it was back and forth over where they’d be traveling and if they’d go and on and on. Gonzaga made it to the NCAA playoffs and some of the music department was scheduled to play during their games. Apparently, the NCAA has decided that playoff schools cannot bring anyone from another school with them even though they’ve done it in preceding years. Talk about a bunch of disappointed musicians! Their free travel ripped out from under them and now the daughter has to come home for Spring Break. What a let down!

Daughter #2 was in her school’s dinner theater production of Trial By Jury. The kids were fabulous except for a couple of them however, this is the 3rd year I’ve attended a dinner theater production and this is the 2nd time the food has been horrible. You’d think for as much as we pay for the tickets, we could at least choke down what’s put in front of us! LOL She is also ready to take the SAT tomorrow. Un-freaking-believable to me. I think to her too.

Daughter #3 is in rehearsal now for the school’s spring show production of The Miracle Worker. Talk about excited! She’s in 8th grade and it’s pretty difficult for any of the middle school kids to get cast in shows. Usually the roles go to the high school students.

The husband was in a car accident. Not his fault, thank god, however the vehicle and the trailer it was pulling are totalled. The guy who hit him was speeding and didn’t realize the folks in front of him were stopped. It was raining and it was foggy and he didn’t see a thing. We have a rental vehicle now and it’s like pulling teeth to get the insurance company to move a little quicker! It’s been a gazillion years since I’ve been involved in anything relating to an accident and I’d forgotten what a pain in the ass it is.

I got a new laptop and have been busy getting it set up for just me! Let me say right now, VISTA SUCKS! I wish I could go backwards and get XP Pro instead but they sell ’em all with Vista now. If I could perhaps find the cd I already have, maybe I could change it but do you think that disk is anywhere to be seen?

Also, I saw Rascal Flatts when they were here! 10th row tickets were more like 4th row tickets! It was so awesome. Then a couple days after that I won 5th row tickets to see Kenny Chesney et all in Seattle the day after my birthday this summer! He’s not my favorite but I do love some of the folks that are touring with him. Good times.

There’s more I know but I’m at work and haven’t gotten much done all week. I just can’t seem to concentrate for any length of time. Grrr…so I suppose I’ll wrap it up for now.

Oh wait!

My blog friend, Eclectic, is coming to town this weekend and she has a few dates with other bloggers set up but I get to see her on Sunday! Woohoo!!! I’ll admit I’m a wee bit nervous though. My last experience with meeting in person someone I’d gotten to know online did not end up well. *sigh* Ah well, they say it’s best to get back on the horse and I don’t intend to live my life in fear so onward and upward!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I bet it’s going to be really cool to see Eclectic!!
    Yes, Vista sucks.


  2. Good for you. Getting back on the horse after falling off is important. You never know! And it sounds like you’re going to have lots of fun at the shows! I’m not lucky enough to wind things like that. Enjoy!!


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