I’ve been in and out of blog mode for the past couple weeks. Lots floating around in this head of mine. I’ve started and deleted several blog entries and have purchased a web hosting plan because I want to learn how to build a website. My laptop has Vista on it. Vista Sucks. I’m trying to learn how to replace it with XP and am certain it will take a few weeks to figure it all out. If anyone has any pointers, they are appreciated. Like I don’t have enough to do but I wanted to do something that was just for me. Learn something just because I want to learn it you know?

Since there is too much for me to write about and I am not focused enough to make a choice and write coherently at this time, I’ve been checking in with some of my blog friends tonight. Whenever I think about my blogging experience I am amazed by the wonderful people I’ve met. What a fabulous experience this blogging thing has been.

My blog friend DebU is having a tough day/week. Visit her and learn what I know. She is grace personified. She has heart and spirit and determination. Not to mention a bird talking daughter who is adorable! Deb is sad today as a good friend of hers died last night. I’m sad too. I was just getting to ‘know’ Brenda and find it a bit eerie that she died the same day as my dad died two years ago.

Another blog friend, Susie, had a test done on Friday, the 13th that was extremely painful. She was/is so brave and has been experiencing symptoms for a year or more now that are scary. Yet she carries on with grace and dignity and beauty and peace. I love her and writing these words gets me weepy again.

Lynn has been dealing with trauma and memories that rival my own experiences. She doesn’t think she is doing a good job however, as someone who’s been through the ringer and for the most part come out the other side, I can only say that I wish I had made my journey with as much grace as she is making hers. She is amazing.

I’ve been following the blog of some ladies who live across the river from me. They are expecting their daughter in just a few weeks and the joy they are experiencing is lovely to witness. Wendy and Karen are going to be fabulous parents and their little girl is very lucky. I feel lucky to experience their journey to mommyhood through their words and pictures.

My friend, Eclectic, is incredible as usual. Her humor and wit and zest for life get me giggling when I need it most. I see her grace every time I stop by her place and witness her obvious devotion to her children and husband. Her schedule, however, wears me out!

Another sweetie I stopped by to check on this evening is Caroline. She’s experiencing a rough time now and I think tomorrow will be a hard day for her. Break ups are never fun and yet, she is graceful through her journey. She is finding herself and a renewed determination to take the best care of her she can. Brava!

I’ve got many more blog friends who inspire me with their grace. I’ll tell you about them another time. I’m off to watch Amazing Race with my youngest daughter. My blog friend, Julie, doesn’t think too much of this show but we love it! Stop by and give her a bad time! Teehee!



6 responses to this post.

  1. You’re so sweet to mention us….we’re honored. And, like you, we have so many blog friends who amuse, comfort, uplift and inspire us. It’s a wonderful community!


  2. Aww, thanks sweetie! But you must know that you are to us the exact same things that we are to you. What you think you’re receiving from the blogosphere are the very things you’re also giving, and I feel lucky to “know” you, Traci. Hugs and peace to you, friend.


  3. Thank you, sweetheart. What that eclectic chick said. xxx


  4. It has seemed to me that the last couple weeks have been generally tough for a number of people I know. Is there something in the stars? It seems, and I hope, the trend is rotating back into a happier place for many people.


  5. WHat a sweet post.


  6. Thank you, Traci. I don’t know why it is hard for me to hear that someone thinks I am doing a good job, but it is. I read this days ago. It has taken me this long to simply say thank you.


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