so yesterday…

Kristine over at Random and Odd said something that really struck me. It has also stuck with me for the past couple days.

She said:  When I get up in the morning she’s (her mom) going to smile at me and tell me I’m beautiful and she loves me.

Those words just made my breath catch in my throat. The beauty of them. The absolute certainty of them.  And then I realized why. Those are words I tell my daughters every single day of their lives and have since before they were born.

And they are words I never once heard from my own mom.  I guess that explains the breath catching thing eh?



3 responses to this post.

  1. We learn from our parents. Sometime what to do, sometimes what NOT to do. You should know that I think you’re beautiful in many ways, and I love you for being the woman you are.


  2. My mother never said anything remotely like that. And I think if I had had kids, I would have improved on that score. Good for you. It is so crucial, whatever else happens, for children to know that they are loved and special.


  3. My mother was not exactly June Cleaver, either, and when I had my own girls I worried that i would turn out to be just like her. So, I promised myself that anything she did that hurt me or made me cry or sad or feel badly about myself I wouldn’t do it to my girls. Everything that I wished she had done that’s what I do.
    I know I am not perfect and probably not the best mom ever, but I do know that I have broken the cycle of abuse.


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