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  1. You’re so cute! I know this has to suck huge, but I love that you’re finding the humor. 🙂

    If you could see me, I’d be smiling at you, telling you that you’re beautiful and I love you. I’m not your mommy, but maybe it would help a little to have a friend say it. You really ARE beautiful, my little bookend twin. And you’re moving through this at just the right pace. It will come together when it does, and you’ll be just where you need to be. Trust yourself, trust the process. And breathe.


  2. That’s very funny. In a sad sort of way!


  3. It might might a person feel like they got their money’s worth?


  4. It might MAKE a person feel like they got their money’s worth. (I hate being retarded.)


  5. He he very funny… because it’s true! I have to agree with Shari… great that you’re having a sense of humour about it 😉


  6. Now you know better than that!! But I agree; sometime we just want someone to say “Do this. Think that.”


  7. Are you telling us you’ve found a savage chicken therapist? 😉


  8. O.K., here’s the response from the chicken lying down:

    “It would make me feel like I wasn’t paying a pirate’s ransom just for someone to ask me what I think, how I feel about what I think, and what I think about how I feel.”

    I agree with Lynilu: sometimes you reach a point where you’ve talked your heart out, over-analyzed everything, and you would just like somebody to come along, kind of like Judge Judy, and say, “Get off your duff and do such-and-such.” Even if you don’t want to do such-and-such, even if you think it is not particularly good advice, it does, at least, provoke a reaction and spur you into ACTION. In the process of accepting or rejecting the order, you are forced to formulate what is really the best action, but you need the catalyst of a firm suggestion to carry you from Square One to End Result.


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