This is part of a mural that my youngest daughter and seven (I think!) other young people in our school district (of about 23000 students) worked on over the summer. My girlie is at the far right. This mural was a month long project and is permanently displayed on a building in our downtown area. Yea, I’m a proud mommy!

edit:  The students were chosen by district art teachers. A professional muralist worked with the kids on the design (which is way bigger than what is shown in this photo) and kept everyone on task. The students did the majority of the work however the muralist and my daughter’s elementary school art teacher put in a huge amount of elbow grease too!


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  1. KIDS did that? Wow, it is so beautiful, looks like a professional artist completed it!


  2. That is beautiful! I can’t believe it was done by seven kids in one mongh. Truly awesome.


  3. Posted by Boston Pobble on Monday, October 8, 2007 at 5:13 pm

    OMG! How fricking AMAZING! OF COURSE you’re a proud mommy!


  4. Wow! That is beautiful! And I agree that it looks like a professional painted it! Give that girl a high five!


  5. Wow – that is GORGEOUS!


  6. What a marvelous experience for her!! I hope she enjoyed it — she certainly has something of which to be justifiably proud! And, my dear Twinnie, so do you.


  7. Absolutely wonderful. Of course, you’re proud. I hope she is, too.


  8. That is so beautiful! My son is 7 and I haven’t seen anything like that coming from his school (grin). Give her a couple of extra hugs of pride from me.


  9. That’s awesome! There should be more projects like that for kids. I am sure it raises their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. Plus… it is going to be there for so many to see and admire. Kudos to your daughter!


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