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I was tagged by my blog friend Virushead a few weeks ago. What really made me decide to do it was this line in her blog post…I’ll tag 10 people from 9 blogs – only people I’d really be interested in knowing more about…when I saw my name on her list I just went “Awwwww…how sweet is she?” so I knew I had to do it at some point!

So, the deal is, there are five questions so I provide five answers. I’m supposed to tag others but I just don’t wanna so, if you feel the urge to do it, go ahead…otherwise…on we go.

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging right around the time my dad died in April 2005.  I didn’t even really know what a blog was until right before then.

2. What inspired you to start a blog and who are your mentors?

I had to think about this one for awhile. I used to post with a bunch of people on an Oprah message board that was on AOL. There was a group of women who became close friends in the real world. I believed for quite a long time that I was one of them. As I gradually came to the realization that I really wasn’t, I became more and more uncomfortable writing what I needed to say in that environment and once I figured out what a blog was, I thought “What a great idea!” and started a space at blogger. I didn’t tell a soul that I was writing and didn’t even realize that people commented on others blogs until I began getting email from folks I didn’t recognize. (yea, it takes me awhile to catch on sometimes) Mentors? I don’t have any. I just write what I feel like writing. I was at blogger. Now I’m at wordpress. I’ve purchased my own domain but can’t for the life of me figure out what to do with it! It is currently beyond me but at some point in the future I will figure out how to put my blog there.

3. Are you trying to make money online, or just doing it for fun?      

I didn’t even know you could make money with a blog until Caroline posted about blogging for money sometime this month. Do I do it for fun? Not really although fun has turned out to be an added benefit! I blog because I need to write. I write about whatever is in my head and heart at any given time. I tried keeping a private journal but the truth is, I get tired of it after awhile and stop. There is something about putting my words out into the universe, so to speak, that calls to me. So, I blog.  

4. Tell me 3 things you LOVE about being online.  

Another one I had to think about for a bit. I’ve always believed I was not a people person. Turns out I can be. My mom always made it a point to tell me I wasn’t funny and I wasn’t a people person. I’ve discovered I really like connecting with other people. I had no idea. It does wear me out after awhile and being online gives me the opportunity to turn it off when I need to. Of course, that also means I can turn it on when I want to!

I love being able to find information about almost anything I can think of at any time of the day or night too. No matter what it is, there’s someone somewhere who knows something about it. Ok, most of it anyway. It seems WTF is not the most known thing which is frustrating the hell outta me because my friend Susie would benefit a lot if there was just one freaking person on the planet who could help her out with it.

I also like that I’ve found many ex Jehovah’s Witnesses online as well. Some of them kinda scare me but many, many more seem to be more like me than not. It seems they are searching just like me. I’ve spent years and years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Everything I was taught and told and believed pointed to this big, ugly, terrifying world of people who would die at Armaggedon because they didn’t do what Jehovah wanted. I grew up terrified of everything. A lot of that came from being abused and tortured by my grandfather and his cronies of course however what I learned and lived as a baby was emphasized and ‘set in stone’ by a set of beliefs designed (in my opinion) to control others. It’s been good to find others trying to figure it out and it’s really helped me feel much less alone. What a gift that is.  

5. Tell me 3 things you STRUGGLE with in the online world.

I’m afraid of most everything so there’s that. I struggle with the cruelty of people quite often. I also wish I had more time to do all the things I want to do. I’d like to be as creative as others I read online but I’m just me and that’s going to have to be good enough. I struggle with the line between what’s enough and what’s too much.   


3 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for being you, on here, Traci. I’m glad you’re here. I like this meme, too. I may try it next week.


  2. Thanks for doing the meme! Great post!

    Let me know if you need any help setting up your WordPress blog at your domain.

    I agree with you about the JW stuff. Sometimes it really helps to know that others struggle with the repercussions of that too. And sometimes – that reaching out in understanding can be so healing. Stay away from anyone that scares you – you can understand the reasons why, but there’s no reason to engage until and unless you’re ready to do so.

    Love you much – hang in there.


  3. That’s what I love about blogging too — I can connect, but I don’t have to. Which makes me want to all the more.

    I started blogging in May of ’05, so we’re almost twins even in that!!


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