happy freakin’ new year

Hey all. It’s been busy around here and I have much to write. That said, tonight I’m not going to do that. I’m posting, instead, part of a note penned by my aunt Linda. She is my mom’s youngest sister and will be 59 years old this July. I’ve written here before about my mother’s family and I must say, sometimes I’ve wondered what the hell is wrong with me that I don’t like them much. Here’s the part of the note that relates to me. I’ve left nothing out and have only shortened two names to their first initial. I began sobbing after reading this note. Go figure.

“We ( those of us who went) had a really nice time at B & P’s party. Played a new group game, Bunco, ( probably wrong ) but had a blast. Got some really great prizes!!  Everyone but Traci’ family showed. I’m sure she’s decided we are not family??  Can’t figure any other reason for all the snubbing she has pulled on most people. This was supposed to be the year for her to host the family do, but aparently renigged again.”

Add to this, it is time for my oldest daughter (who is 21) to go back to school (6 hours away) and her lack of structure over this vacation period is finally getting to her. She is driving us all nuts and I’m quite sure she is ready to go. My husband does not do well with her in this state and I am, again, pushed into the middle…or at least they attempt to push me there. What a mess.

All is not lost however. This has been the coolest vacation period I’ve ever had. (up until the last two days anyway!) And I will write about it later.



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  1. Peace to you, too, Traci. Oh, and please post Auntie Linda’s address, you know, so we can all wish her a happy freakin’ New Year. Or invite her to Bunco. 😉


  2. Oh, Traci, I’m so glad you’re back! I didn’t bug you because of the holiday and I knew you were busy with the family. I’m glad it was mostly good for you.

    As for Aunt Linda … yeah! What Susie says!!!

    i think next time, I’d return any letter from her with “Return to sender” neatly written in my own handwriting. make the “snubbing” complete.

    *We* love you here at the blog …. even when you’ve snubbed us, been away for so long!


  3. Aunt Linda is such a joy! I think we must be related, Traci. Take heart, girl. ‘Snubbing’ folks like Aunt Linda is an artform. I personally think it should be an olympic event. I’m pretty sure I’d take the gold.

    You done good, honey. You would obviously have to be disloyal to yourself to have a relationship with them. I’m glad you take care of yourself.



  4. WTF?! Aunt Linda’s a piece of work! It’s called “life”, and some of us are too busy living it to be bothered with “snubbing” those who don’t have a life. Which is the only sort of person who would write, let alone SEND, something like that. Susie, I’m joining your posse to send Auntie Linda some New Years’ greetings. 😉

    Happy 2008, Twinnie!


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