the reply

I thought about this for days. I first decided to ignore her. Then I wrote all the nastiness her words triggered for me. And deleted them. It felt good to get them out though. Finally, I got to the point where I could think clearly…or at least more clearly. I decided that she’s spent most of my life (at least) getting away with nastiness because no one wants to stand up to her. Or speak up about how her actions and words affect them. I’m not going to change her I know. I simply decided I needed to speak up. For me. Because it was a different course of action than I would usually take. That’s how change happens. Doing something different. Even if it’s scary. My reply to my not so lovely aunt is pasted below.  

You know, Linda, I’ve been quiet for a very long time in an attempt to honor one of the last conversations I ever had with my mom. I’ve kept to myself and minded my p’s & q’s out of respect for her. Does it make you feel better to spew your hateful venom for everyone to read here?

It’s probably best not to begin pointing fingers in regards to family and snubbing. I have no desire to get into a bitch slapping contest with you. I’m choosing to behave in an adult manner and leaving it at that.

Anyone in this family who wants to chat with me has my address and phone numbers. My email address is readily available on this site as well. There are many, many, many ways to get my attention that do not involve posting rude and thoughtless comments in this space.


3 responses to this post.

  1. The air is easier to breathe along the high road.

    Peace, Traci.


  2. That was well said, Traci. Her tactics were very catty and immature to say the least and I think you did a good job showing yourself to be honest and reasonable. I don’t blame you for first choosing to ignore it. I think most of us have chosen to do that from time to time just to stay out of stuff, but I understand how people feel when the time comes that they have to speak up. Those who treat you poorly are being jerks and I’m glad you know that. {{{{Traci}}}}


  3. Boundaries are healthy.

    You are amazing!


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