part twenty-five

I met Toby in April of 1995.

He had a friend name Chrissy. She was 3 and so beautiful. She wore a long, t-shirt like nightgown and had the longest hair I’d ever seen on a child. Her face was angelic and didn’t match her eyes at all. Those eyes were big and dark and had this look of sadness in them that was almost painful to look at.

I didn’t realize that I’d seen her several months before in my therapist’s office. He was just as surprised as I.

Life was about to get interesting in a way not many can imagine. I am many years on the other side of these experiences and I still find it difficult to process sometimes.

to be continued


3 responses to this post.

  1. The suspense, it kills me… even as I’m certain I wish what I think happened, didn’t happen. Still, the suspense, it kills me. In addition to all the other amazingness that is you? Girl, you can write!!!


  2. {{{{{{{{Traci}}}}}}}}


  3. Breathe. OK.


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