spf – stuff portrait friday

Kristine over at Random and Odd has reinstated a tradition in the blog world! This week’s assignment is to post our favorite picture. Since my most favorite picture is nowhere to be found on this computer right now, I am posting one of my favorites instead. It’s of my three girlies and my mommy. It was taken about 10 months or so before my mom died and I love the picture.


So, didja play?


7 responses to this post.

  1. I remember when you originally posted this over at blogger. It is amazing. This week was 10 years since my mom died …. Hard to imagine.

    Glad to catch up with you 🙂


  2. Awwww… sweet photo! Thinking about you a lot today, Traci.


  3. Such a sweet photo and I am sure melancholy at the same time.


  4. Sweet is indeed the word. A great way to remember her.


  5. What a sweet photo. Thanks for sharing… this just made me smile. THAT is love!


  6. Happy Easter, Twinnie!


  7. I didn’t play, but your photo is a nice one.


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