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My rant during my last post was just that. A rant. This stuff gets so frustrating and somedays I’ve simply had enough. It always ends up working out however the getting there is a pain in the ass. Grrr.

We’re home from Vegas. My feet are in bad shape! We got home at 1:15 a.m. Ugh! There are many stories and lots more pictures but I’m wiped out. I overslept. Twice. This morning. I called work, told them I’d be there even though it’d be late and promptly fell asleep again. Turns out I’m not going in!

Ok, I’m off to shower and find something to eat.


***from Kristine over at randomandodd

NUMBERS. It seems like everything lately revolves around numbers; age, dates, birthdays, weight, money, sizes…everything is a number.
Here are a bunch of examples of NUMBERS in photography.
Don’t forget to post this Friday’s assignment on your blog so your readers can get ready.


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  1. Yay!!! I love an unexpected day off! Glad you’re back — just in time for me to go away though… we’re taking the kids to see the Grand Canyon over Spring Break. Wish us luck!


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