and belly buttons…everybody has one.  

I wrote a post in May 2006 that shared something I wasn’t too proud of. You can see it here. Yesterday while trying to figure out what the hell to do with my blog, I ended up on my stats page. While there I noticed a referring link that I’d never seen before so I clicked on it. Imagine my surprise when I saw this. Go ahead. Click on it. I’ll wait.




Aaaannnnddddd you’re back.

You know, I don’t think I have many readers. I’m ok with that. Really. This is mainly a place where I can put my thoughts and send them into the universe. I write things here that I often do not acknowledge out loud in the real world. I’m ok with that too. No one I personally know (ok that’s not entirely true anymore as I’ve met eclectic now) has any idea where this blog is or what I write about on it either. It’s good for me. Just. Me.

I’ve met some amazing people through this space. I’m grateful for that. Very, very grateful. It’s good for me to write. It’s good for me to write here. I’m not good at keeping secrets. Or lying. I tend to just put it ‘all’ out there for better or worse. If you like it and me, fine. If you don’t like it or me, that’s fine too. I accept it. The older I get, the more comfy I am with accepting it too.

All that said, I was very uncomfortable with this guy, whomever he is, reposting my post and then dissecting it for all the ways I wasn’t a good mother…based on something I wrote while angry and then posted here to work through the conflicting feelings I had about writing it, sending it and effectively stooping to the level of my ex husband. Oy.

I wrote the guy an email. To tell him he didn’t know anything about me. Not that it will make a bit of difference to him… Mostly I wrote him to remind myself that I didn’t have to take his words, his opinions, as truth and to stand up and say what I needed to say for my own peace of mind…and I’m ok with that.



5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by brandi on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    long time lurker here. I know we all have issues but I have some serious problems (reservations) when reading this guys website. It creeps me out that he’s trying to recruit high school students and university students to work with him. I think he needs to stop making everybody’s parent-child relationships into some god awful thing. Every parent-child relationship has problems. Some worse than others–but none are smooth all the time.

    Anyways, back to my point–He’s creepy mccreepster. It’s not cool that he reposted your post and I’d ask him to remove it.
    btw, luv the pic of your girls and your mom. Makes me miss my gramma and wish my daughter had the chance to meet her.


  2. Well, Traci… You don’t even know this guy and opinions ARE very much like assholes. I have my share of run-ins, too. It just doesn’t really bother me amymore because I see where certain opinions are coming from and it makes them quite unimportant. I’m glad you see it, too.
    (I think I still have an email problem. I will use another account next time and see if that helps. 🙂


  3. Posted by scribbleandscribe on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 4:43 am

    I agree. It is creepy to have done that to you. He knows nothing of you except for one post!
    bravo for sticking up for yourself!


  4. Way creepy…but, to put a positive spin on it…he must have read something in your post that spoke more of HIM than it does of you.

    Still…way, way creepy to take someone’s posting and use it that way. I think we all use our blogs as journals to get stuff out and work through it (or…just get it OUT!). I’m sure someone would have a field day with mine. 🙂


  5. Definitely creepy. It made me wonder who he is, but then I realized that it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t matter to your blog or your life. He is taking whatever he wants from your post and using it to justify his point in his realm. You were just the tool he used to make his point that day.


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