spf ~ triangle

I thought about this triangle thing all day today. The thing that finally hit me was this: the only triangle that I can think of that affects my life in any way, shape or form right now is the flag that rests on my fire place mantle. It is the flag that was handed to me during my mom’s funeral two years ago. Now, I was planning to take a picture of that flag when I get home from work today but after even more thinking about it, I thought I’d find a picture of a flag ceremony instead. That ceremony was the most touching thing about the day we buried my mommy. When the old veteran guy hobbled over to me and handed me that flag, I lost it. As I’m writing the words at this moment, the tears are here again. If you’ve never been a part of a ceremony like that, count yourself lucky. It is a moving moment. I can’t explain it. The photo above is taken from some website I found today and it touched me deeply. Just the like the day I was handed my mom’s flag.


Didja play?


8 responses to this post.

  1. I was moved too. Oh, and I played.


  2. My mom got a flag like that when my father was buried. It really is a moving moment.


  3. I received one when my hub died. Yes, it is moving, indeed. Hard to explain what goes on in the mind and body at that moment.


  4. {{{{{{{{Traci}}}}}}}}


  5. Wonderful interpretation.


  6. Wow.

    That’s all. Just wow.


  7. Well… wow AND a hug.


  8. I also join the “wow” commenters.


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