spf ~ bad

The spf assignment for today is ‘bad’.

When I first read that, I thought ‘bad’??? How on earth am I gonna show that? My next thought was ‘there are so many interpretations of bad.’ The dilemma is which one to show? I could choose ‘bad’ as in dog and show a picture of my very bad dog next to the trash can he continually wants to get into and spread all over the house. That would be a bit unfair to him since we’ve not beaten him at his own game by locking up the trash can! I could show you how ‘bad’ my house looks because I have a slob for a husband and there is no getting through to him about where things go or don’t go for that matter. I could show you a picture of my daughter’s bedroom as an example of teenager-hood gone ‘bad’ or I could impress all of you with my lack of (ie: ‘bad’) refrigerator cleaning skills. There’s ‘bad’ ass, bad juju, bad hair day…you get the idea…there are soooo, many, many, many ways to show ‘bad’, it’s mind boggling!

So here for your spf viewing pleasure is my ‘bad-ass’ computer monitor at work! It’s 30 wide screen inches of flat panel digital goodness!


So, didja play? 


2 responses to this post.

  1. That is bad-ass for sure! Although, to be clear, I’m really glad you didn’t actually picture a bad ass. 😉


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