spf ~ towels

So, Kristine decided that today’s SPF is towels. If you wanna read about towels you really oughta stop by her site and check it out. I cannot find my freakin’ digital camera right now so I used the ol’ cell phone this morning and present to you…towels…and my nearly empty towel closet…ugh…

Do not even get me started on the number of or the condition of the towels or their lack of proper folding or the stupid piece of candy in the lower right corner of the picture…suffice it to say…some days I open that cupboard and close it right up again without yelling…this morning? I’m not sayin’ nothin’. I don’t have the strength…grrr…

Didja play?


9 responses to this post.

  1. OMG…I know what you are feeling! Sort of like my son’s room; I just end up closing the door.

    I played.


  2. I know how you feel!
    And thanks for the reminder, I need to wash towels today… lol

    I played too!


  3. my towels don’t fit in my cupboard very well so they look very much like yours!

    i played šŸ™‚


  4. Haha. Teenagers?
    I played.


  5. HAHAHAHAHAH! I opened my drawer to get a picture and I couldn’t find any! WELCOME TO MY WORLD!

    Glad you played. And uh..yeah, no worries, we have matching towel collection!


  6. Hi mama..just stopping by to say i was thinking about you….
    hope all is well..
    LOL @ towels…


  7. Didn’t play. Didn’t know there was a game. But I love the towels picture, and the piece of candy totally makes it. Not kidding. (Who wants to see pristine rolled up fluffiness in a Martha Stewart wicker bathroom basket? lol.)


  8. My linen closet looks similar. Martha Stewart I am not.


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