So yea, been having some…flashbacks, that is. My grandfather was the biggest fucking prick. If he were still alive, I’d have to kill him or turn him over to the police so he’d land in prison and you know what happens to child molesters in prison. I’ve had my share of triggers during the past few months and yesterday was a puke-tastic day. Thrills and chills to be sure. Details, yea I could volunteer some but I’m not gonna. I simply can’t write them down yet. I’m exhausted. I’m relieved to have some of the memories connected to some of the feelings and hopefully can move forward a bit more after this shitfest. Ok, I’m outta here. Isn’t this fun?


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  1. A tough post, I can tell. I’m glad the connections are becoming definable for you, even though the process stinks. A lot of us have unhappy/devastating memories, and until we can make sense of the emotions and how they connect to the events, life is just a haze of turmoil. As weird as it is, those connections form the “ladder” that allows us to climb out of the pit. Wish I could give you a hug for today. We’ll have to settle for a cyber type.



  2. Yes, it does help to put more of a stop to some of the stuff, but it’s such a hell ride getting there. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with more of it.


  3. Flashbacks are SO difficult. I know personally as well as professionally. I hope they wane soon.


  4. I sent you an email. I didn’t get a bounce notice, but you can come over to my place and tell me in comments if you didn’t get it and then I will just use the other email instead of the usual (and sometimes unreliable) one.


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