bread crumbs

I would like to say that I am sick. Sick of life as I know it. Sick of flashbacks. Sick of anxiety attacks. Sick of having no therapist. Sick of my husband being the biggest whiniest person I know. Sick of being told I’m different than I used to be. Sick of my job…which I will no longer have come August 31st. I’m sick of feeling alone. Sick of the news. And politics. And people who treat their children like less than garbage. And foggy, gray days. And and and…gah…today the world sucks. I just need to yell and scream at something or someone and cry; if I could just cry for awhile, I know it would be a release of some kind. I know it’s going to be ok. It always is, one way or another. I will have a job on September 1st. It simply will not be the one I’ve had for the past 9 years. This could be a good thing and most days I try to see it that way. I’ve just lost my way temporarily. That’s all. Now where the fuck did I drop the bread crumbs? 


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  1. I know, there are a lot of things that suck right now. I wish I could show you where the crumbs are, so you could follow them out. I would give you better than crumbs if I could. I would give you:
    (I hope that works)


  2. This morning I was feeling this exact same way. It’s ok to have days where everything just sucks. Sending you lots of hugs.


  3. I understand. I’m sick of quite a few things, too. Some things on my list would overlap with yours. I believe you are absolutely right when you say that you will have a job on Sept. 1. You are a very smart, capable and likeable person who has what it takes to perservere and triumph. I just know it.


  4. Oooh, ooooh, ooooh!! I have breadcrumbs!!! Lots of them! They’re right here on my countertop. I think it means that you need to come here to visit!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Breadcrumbs??? The damn birds ate ’em!!!

    As for the job …. you have the right attitude. For some reason, it is time for you to take another path. That’s probably why the trail of breadcrumbs was gobbled up by the birds! You know, as I do, that change is simply hard, but change is the only thing that keeps us from turning into mummified corpses at our desks. Or on our couches.

    Wouldn’t it be wunnerful if we could just push a button and stop the return of the ick stuff?


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